We’ve a new flat. Its Chrisbee’s flat in Mt Cook. Thus you’ll all know where to come for the house-warming.

Yay for living in town! No more train rides at eleven on a friday night surrounded by drunken rugby supporters.

Sharing with someone from circus and someone else. Three girls and me, we shall have to have tea parties for the dollies and sewing bees and lounge around on hot days fanning ourselves and wearing summer dresses with bold prints.

And in other notes, I got burnt at four p.m., ffs!And I’m hoping that Crisbee et al will leave at least one of the playstations, coz you know, I like to pretend to be a boy sometimes.

And Ken is still going for the world 24 hour unicycle record. When we dropped by, he’d just knocked off 160 km, half-way, in eight hours, so another 160 km in another eight, then its all gravy. So the post-party party tonight will be the Basin Reserve, coz hallucinating unicyclists love drunken goths at 1 am.

7 thoughts on “Continuity”

  1. Hi there, My name is Angel and Im a friend of Sophie. She told me you do circus stuff and that I should talk to you as I also do performing arts with the circus.
    I just moved back to Wellington and am looking to get back into practicing my tissue and trapeze skills as well as other stuff.
    Im wondering if you know when the circus house (?) in Newtown is open as I have not been able to find out about practicing there as it always seems to be closed.

    1. Hi there. The sad news is that Circus House in Newtown closed in december, the building that they were using was sold. The good news is that Alice is still trying to get hold of a new place, and some negotiations are underway. We should find out this week. Something will turn up, and hell, if nothing turns up, we’re building a house with a trapeze space in it, so there’ll definitely be somewhere in about a year’s time. But hopefully it won’t be that long.

      If you do poi, then we’ll have to meet in the park (ask Sophie), otherwise I’m sure I’ll met you at some point.

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