Just had a meeting about one word.

The meeting was pretty epic though, there was drama, suspense, deceit, threats, passive aggression, actual aggression, and ultimately agreement. They agreed that they were being ridiculous.

8 thoughts on “Grr…”

    1. I really shouldn’t say this, coz of ho noes! my future career, but the meeting was at the Ministry of Pants. We’re putting out a document that describes pants as “trousers”. The Ministry is concerned that the use of this word will be seen as an implicit criticism of the government’s public education scheme to remind people that pants are a vital piece of personal protective equipment. Whereas my employer is concerned that “pants” implies a range of lower body garments, potentially as minimal as knickers, or indeed g-strings. These provide little personal protection and their public use might result in seriously nasty irritation when, for example, one was to be walking through a field of thistles. Further, our position is that there are numerous respected international reports suggesting that a rugged pair of trousers is indeed more suitable than a g-string for walking through a field of thistles, and thus “trousers” is the valid word in this case.

      (Note: the above is not what we were arguing about, but the discussions had this character.)

  1. that’s like the department which shall remain nameless which is now on to its second steering group to decide where staff are going to sit after a reshuffle. the first steering group had to be disbanded due to irreconciliable differences.

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