Yesterday was busy time at the house, with Cliff the builder, Jarrod the joiner, Jarrod2, Paul the plumber, Bruce the sparkie, Bruce’s apprentice, and myself. Thus lots got done – we have fascia on the eaves, wiring upstairs, most of the plumbing and gas in the walls, a stack of timber crib, and chases mostly cut into the concrete walls downstairs.

Thus by this weekend, we should have every service we need installed into the walls and we’ll be ready for the insulation. This is currently sitting in big bags all over the place and generally in the way. It’s wool and unlike fibreglass, it’s lovely to handle.

So, here’s an advance request for assistance on saturday, cutting wool to shape and fitting it into the walls. Weather looks passable, but hey, we’ll be inside, with windows and ever-increasing amounts of comfort.


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    1. Woohoo! You can be manly and tear the wool to size with your bare hands (actually, it’s designed to rip like that, but don’t let me stop you).

      1. Should I bring First? She can sort the sheep from the goats.

        Well actually, given that she can’t tell the sheep from the cats, I’m not willing to guarantee this

        1. Sure!
          So, how does she react to large blobs of wool that aren’t sheep?

          Also … if you are serious about bringing her, that would be cool, but be aware that there may be Jarod’s (extremely chilled out) dog on site

          1. I’m pretty sure that once it’s not attached to a sheep any more, the wool becomes an inanimate object and therefore of no interest.

            No, I wouldn’t bring First to the building site – too many things she could step on/in/walk under/through etc, and First isn’t chilled enough to resist marauding Jarod’s dog, which might have heart failure at her audacity.

          2. Jarrod’s dog is sufficiently chilled out to sleep next to power tools. Especially power tools producing vast amounts of shavings:

            It’s possible that she’s using the shavings as camouflage, in her job as mighty hunter. Or not.

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