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After asking the question, “should I go to Shanghai”, here’s the answer:

All the discussions* made me think, and in particular Joel & Andrea made me think about my purpose in going and why I would value being there. I value travel to work or to learn but I don’t particularly enjoy being a slack-jawed tourist. It’s fun, occasionally, but it’s not $2k and six tonnes of carbon fun.

If I had the chance to participate or connect, then that would be different. If I wanted to put the work in, I could probably build up some connections but then again, I have enough of that to do here.

So I’ll be doing something else instead.

* – All the discussions apart from those projecting their own desire or guilt onto me.

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  1. congratulations on a decision you feel good about. My default when I’m equally split on a thing is to go with the one that’s easier, cheaper, and/or more convenient.

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