Shock horror – building a house is really bad for you

I’m the least fit I’ve been for a decade. My core strength is crap, my cardio is just embarrassing, my arms feel like noodles, and my posture is turning to custard.

Why? Coz I haven’t trained this year, and did bugger all for the last half of last year? Why? Coz building a house sucks up all of your physical energy and spits it out in a chewed soggy lump. It’s physical activity, but it doesn’t get you fit, it just tires you out.

Six months ago, I’d have just sucked it up. It’s hard work, but yeah, I’m getting a house out of it. Now? It’s getting to me, beyond just the physical impacts. It’s starting to worry me, coz physical fitness was always my route out of mental illness. I’ve fuck all focus at work, my brain is not in the state I’d like it to be, and frankly, I think I might be even less likeable than usual.

This is not going to change until the house is finished, coz it’s been five years and I want this fucking thing done. However, I am going to take this thursday off and sit on my arse tidy up the house, coz it’s a tip.

Is everyone particularly miserable today? I blame the weather.

1 thought on “Shock horror – building a house is really bad for you

  1. I just spent the evening cleaning my flat. It has instilled a remarkable sense of calm and I thoroughly recommend it. The process may even be transferable to tidying up your house too.

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