On a sunny evening

by far the best place to be is in Thorndon swimming pool. Having worked for over a year not twenty metres from the place, I thought it was about time to investigate. And its ace. I chilled out for a bit on concrete that had been baking all day in the sun, then dived into to the pool, to thrash up and down in pursuit of the body beautiful. Sadly, he was a better swimmer than me and I couldn’t catch up, so I had to settle for getting some exercise instead.

3 thoughts on “On a sunny evening

    1. Thanks to the wonders of the interweb, if you you click on the link above, and close your eyes and wish really hard, and wriggle your nose too, then you will be magically transported to a ‘web page’ that tells you!

      sorry, only just woke up, most of personality hasn’t booted up yet

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