NZ Herald – Changing the face of porn

Woohoo! I am famous in NZ media!

(Sorry, I mean – here’s Sunday’s piece on Suraya and Filament, in which I am quoted saying not very much at all.)

12 thoughts on “NZ Herald – Changing the face of porn”

        1. I’m glad that phrase made it in, coz part of my waffling to the journo was about the need for more hot electronics geeks just to fight against the social preconception that scientists are all bearded, weird, and just eww.

      1. I think it was really important. When I spoke to Alan, as I mentioned on , he was mainly struggling with the problem of his editor not getting ‘how is talking about this not excusing the objectification of women?’ so I think speaking to a model really played an important part in that.

      1. “slightly ditzy, but really, what can one expect from a former research scientist?”

        Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, sorry. I’m stciking with topless firedancer.

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