Come and hit our house with hammers

We’ll be working up at the new house tomorrow, 10 am onwards, in Brooklyn. We’d love for people to come and do hard manual labour on our account.

The house is trucking along, most of the walls are in place and we’ve even got things that are starting to look like roofs.

There’s more joist hangers to nail up, the last and final ever weatherboard oiling (before they get put up, anyway), deck nailing, and other unskilled and satisfying jobs to be done, all of which are far more interesting and cheaper than going to the gym.

Weather should be fine, so not too hot. Plenty of the work is in the shade. Text me if you don’t have the address/haven’t already had the experience.

6 thoughts on “Come and hit our house with hammers”

  1. While banging in nails and painting weatherboards sounds infinitely appealing, it’s the usual story of – if the weather’s fine I have a better offer involving fluffy animals that need defluffing, followed by hurling lumps of wood around.


    1. So we’ll see you if it’s raining then?

      (Actually, if it’s raining, there’s plenty to be done under cover, now that we’ve got a floor over all of upstairs.)

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