Abstract and awesome Mitochondrion pics from Foocamp

Taken by David Brebner

Hmm… pics show that I should speed some of those patterns up a little. Now that I’m less scared of dropping it, I’m spinning faster, so pattens will need to match. (And yes, using the accelerometers to work out spin speed and have this adjust automatically is the way to go, but slow programming Jez is glacial.)


14 thoughts on “Abstract and awesome Mitochondrion pics from Foocamp”

  1. more seriously, I actually really like the first one. It almost looks like a double exposure of something shiny *over* you doing something serious, rather than you doing something seriously shiny.

    1. There’s two accelerometers in there already, but it’s a case of writing the code to take in noisy data at a highly variable rate and use that to consider switching states without the switching code getting in the way of the code needed when in the states.

      Oh, and did I mention the grand total of 26 bytes of variables, most of which are naked pointers to other, more awkward storage? LOLfail programming.

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