Strange post-Foo dream

I’m at a party. A woman with an annoyingly large rucksack on her back, every time she moves, rucksack hits people. I reach into the sack, it’s full of long fabric. I whip her with the fabric hard enough to knock her over. She gets up and puts the rucksack away, telling me that I’m “mean”.

My response “I’m not mean, I just implement reality”. danjite comments “that’s mean.”

3 thoughts on “Strange post-Foo dream”

  1. You’re mean.

    Also, be thankful it wasn’t lilac 2-way lycra, because I doubt you could whip effectively with that, it’d absorb all your force and you’d end up with a pile of people rubbing themselves on it.

    Which would destroy the Happy Is Mean trope forever.

    1. But I use my meanness as a force for good!

      (Well, good overall, in the long run, on average. Where good is defined as mostly distinct from evil, depending upon your point of view.)

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