Foo Camp recovery mode

I’m missing about ten hours of sleep. I’ve given out and received more business cards in a weekend than I normally do in a year. Everything that I normally do at work – I want to get it done and finished and out of the way as fast as possible so I can get on with all the awesome ideas from Kiwi Foo Camp.

In brief:

  • The Auckland climate is malarial.
  • Time lapse videos of eco-house builds go down a treat with foocampers.
  • Climate change is depressing.
  • I need a better tool for Twitter than a web browser. Twitter is not a web page. Also, I need better tools for both a PC and a Nokia E90. Suggestions, please?
  • The Royal Society does way too many things for me to know what they all are. But I need to be more aware of them.
  • I need to put together a better video of the Mitochondrion, coz photos are cool, but it’s not a static thing. Actually, I want to put together an awesome video, coz it is an awesome thing.
  • I increasingly find myself wanting to do a masters in public policy. Then again, I also want to remain married, and that’s likely to take preference.
  • There was no Russell Brown/DPF cagefight, dammit.
  • Wellington is slowly stealing all the interesting people. Yay!
  • Having now seen one running, I want a Cupcake 3D printer. I want so much more, coz I want to be able to go from a design on a computer to a finished and functional physical object very rapidly indeed. But I’d be happy to start with a Cupcake.

1 thought on “Foo Camp recovery mode”

  1. Would it help to borrow a RepRap?

    For Twitter, I run Tweetdeck on my Mac and Seesmic on my Android phone.

    If I were buying today, I would get a Google Nexus 1. I actually do know someone in Wellington who is selling one as they accidentally got two.

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