Kiwiburn 2010

Erf. Just back from Kiwiburn. More coherency later, and maybe pics, but:

  • The Illuminati Temple went off. Lots of dancing, great tunes, no disasters, and I loved having a personal base in the middle of everything.
  • Illuminati Shade Camp was a great place to sleep. I managed just enough sleep to cope, though not enough to drive home safely. Yay for for getting the van back to Wellington.
  • Scaffolding rocks. Our structure went up in an hour, down in an hour, and stood up to copious thunderstorms.
  • The Mitochondrion (computer-controlled glowstaff) survived four days of mud, rain, spinning, and general battering. Consider me pleased. I rarely get to watch it do it’s thing, but I let Nick from Highly Flammable have a spin, and damn, he makes it look good.
  • The Eye sculpture worked very well indeed, spun in the wind, and made a great hang-out point for people at the Illuminati Temple when they weren’t dancing. It even withstood an addled hippie hanging off it by her knees. It’s only made from 2 mm thick aluminium with a jigsawn edge, so I expect her knees are pretty cut up.
  • Old School Techno – On Fire! needs to be portable so I’m not tied to one location when it’s lit. I shouldn’t leave it outside in the rain, coz the gas manifold filled with water. Oops.
  • There were the usual ups and downs, but people I trust sorted them.
  • Employing security guards was a very good plan.
  • I met some very interesting people, mostly in Texture for the Soul, and finally caught up with someone I’ve been chasing around festivals for a year. Expect collaboration, eventually.
  • There was lounging, with lounge tunes.
  • My only speech was persuasive; my only rantbold and clear statement of my concerns was accurate.
  • I came away from KB with only one more project in my head. It shouldn’t be too tricky (but then again, I don’t know enough about MIDI to assess how hard it might be). Oh, and the footbath on the hill was awesome enough that I want one too.
  • It’s good to be home.
  • The Illuminati were asked to light the Man, so we must be doing something right.

4 thoughts on “Kiwiburn 2010”

  1. Curious re: security guards. Is that supplemental to Ranger-types for internal security? Run gate/perimeter? Or what roles did they serve? Assume you have Ranger-equivalents down there.


    1. Our site is pretty insecure, having a lake front, a public road as one border, is only 5 km from the nearest town, and is in rural NZ, which is gang country. So yeah, fun times.

      Security were just on the gate and perimeter, and proved themselves worth the money. Rangers were inside, but the rangers don’t have big dogs and that much experience of dealing with people who are already thumping other people.

      Of course, this being rural NZ, the troublemakers were already known to the local police, and by extended family members at the burn.

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