Here’s one of NZ’s climate change skeptics, talking about my employer:

“The main assertions in this story are inane, blatantly alarmist, undisguised advocacy and wrong. That the story is promulgated by our once-proud, independent, trustworthy and in particular scientific Royal Society is now a source of shame to all New Zealanders. There is no doubt that our Royal Society has abandoned, in respect of the global warming controversy, any pretence to objective investigation. It has instead adopted such a strong intention to champion the hypothesis of man-made control of the climate that it blinds itself to the necessity of finding evidence.”

So, all New Zealanders, are you ashamed?

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    1. He is on the internet, so he is important.

      But seriously, he’s the convener of the Climate Conversation Group, who are another group that put out press releases and do little else.

    1. Yup. Me and Gazza go way back, and by that I mean he’s quoted plenty of reports that I’ve been involved with. I don’t think I’ve ever met the guy though.

  1. *joins in with headdesking*

    however, I do have to say that the website “Hot Topic” might have done some searches for the term before they chose it…. may lead to some confusion over whether they are talking about warming due to carbon emissions, or from an increase in black clothing all over the USA…. 😉

    1. That’s funny, never thought of Hot Topic being confused with global warming site. Of course, they are all over the USA, the subject of many running jokes. Commonly referred to as “Goth-in-a-Box”.

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