Climate change deniers in electoral suicide


There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle brewing over in Oz and today it exploded. Kevin Rudd’s Labour party was elected promising to do something about climate change, the something being their Emissions Trading Scheme. Rudd didn’t have enough votes so was relying on a bipartisan agreement with the opposition, the right-wing Liberal party.

There’s been grumbling in the Liberal party for a while now, with one of their senior people suggesting that climate change isn’t a scientific theory, at all, it’s a global communist conspiracy. So the Liberal party’s dumped its leader, they’re heading right into lunatic-land, thus forcing a new election. Given that 75% of Australians believe in the science of climate change and recognise that Australia has it’s back to a wall, then the outcome of that election shouldn’t be in doubt.

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6 thoughts on “Climate change deniers in electoral suicide”

    1. True, but given that the Liberals have already said no to the ETS (or at least to delay it), then he’s got reason. And given that he’ll probably win an election with a bigger margin than the current one, he’s ordering the coke and whores right now.

  1. We’re seeing a fair bit of that over here. I’m not sure I understand the “we’d rather lose than compromise” mindset, but I’m completely in favor of it as long as it’s the other guys doing it.

    1. I’m totally keen on principled stands, especially when the principle is “scientists are all part of a left-wing conspiracy” and the stand is in front of an oncoming freight train.

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