The Great Clay Hunt

We’ll be filling our house with mud, and not just by going mountain biking in winter. The floor of the main level and the plaster on the walls will be mud, from on site.

This weekend we’ll be sorting through several piles of fill and moving the good clay into the gimp cupboard for later use. If you’re keen to give us a hand, then let us know and we’ll have mud specially reserved for you.

Weather for the weekend promises to be perfect.*

* – this statement may or not be true


3 thoughts on “The Great Clay Hunt”

    1. Probably both days, at 10ish till 4ish.

      Saturday looks like the best weather, so we’ll crack on then till we’re done.

      There may be further shoveling to be done as well, of fill to go from road, down chute, to backfill behind the house, depending on when fill gets delivered.

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