Can everyone stop telling me how hot is? It’s not like I don’t know.

Can you tell her instead?

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  1. I like big brains and I cannot lie

    Hey Andrea!

    Physically, you’re about as close to perfection as a human can get without undergoing retarded amounts of surgery, and quite frankly, cosmetic surgery is dumb.
    Intellectually, you’re like a super hero – I reckon you could mentally kneecap the shit out of anything that got in your way
    Emotionally, you’re a wonderful, caring person with a great heart and no-nonsense attitude that I feel comfortable being around.
    Creatively; I saw you strut your stuff on the trapeze tonight. A-fucking-mazing.

    So yes. You’re a total fox, and if you weren’t already married, I’d totally be out-charming any competition for your attention.

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