Microeconomics term, or grunge rock song title?

Which is which?

1. Negative creep
2. Dead weight loss
3. New damage
4. Still remains
5. A.T.C.
6. Indifference
7. Free rider
8. Kinked demand
9. P.C.C.
10. Credible threat

Stolen from, and answers at, Beancounter Parodies

3 thoughts on “Microeconomics term, or grunge rock song title?

    1. Re: cream of sum yung gai

      Hmm… a microeconomic diet. That’s like macrobiotic, but you lose sufficient weight that 20% of you starves to death. But 3% of you gets seven times as fat. So on average, you’re doing great!

      I don’t think I’m making any sense today…

      1. this made me laugh out loud and wake my mother up

        i think i need to operate under a regime where nothing gets quite as much as it needs, so my physiological economy suffers a loss. communism?

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