The curse of the dining room tables

Rep. Barney Frank confronts woman comparing Obama to Hitler

And that’s how you deal with people who are not arguing in good faith.

5 thoughts on “The curse of the dining room tables”

    1. Your admittedly lovely dining room table probably has secret plans to overthrow the government and start a dictatorship along with death camps for exotic timber species (of which it’s one but just doesn’t tell anybody).

      1. That’s a slanderous lie. The dining table has not “annexed” the fridge. It’s just very good friends with the fridge, in accordance with their long-standing mutual defense pact against that nasty sink.

        Honestly, sinks, who can trust them, what with all their gurgling and strange foreign smells…

  1. On one part iLOL at the level of stupidity of that moronic bell-end.

    The other part cringes and is actually a honestly bit afraid that this “educated rational adult” compares a elected official (and ignores his mixed race) to the one of the most horrific dictators of the late 20th century and the “pure race” insanity that happened during his reign that still haunts the German memory today because she does not agree with a policy/law he wishes to implement and is delusional enough that she believes she is on the true path to decency moral right(ness?).

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