In which I discover that my sense of humour is very precise

from Puromycin of b3ta

(I realise that this is only funny to approximately 0.1% of the human race.)

6 thoughts on “In which I discover that my sense of humour is very precise”

  1. aw man 🙁

    i guess you have an adult/mature sense of humour

    “IWSS Security Event (tmiwssmb4)
    Access to this URL is currently restricted because of its classification.

    Content classification: Adult/Mature Content

    The Web content you are trying to access is restricted as it has been deemed inappropriate under xxx Standard S-004. A copy of this standard is available at http://intranet/standards/html_standards/S-004.html.

    If you discover that a site you require access to is classified under the restricted categories, and therefore blocked, then access can be provided with appropriate managerial authority.”

    1. so so mature.

      It’s a head-and-shoulders picture of some guy (politician maybe?) photoshopped with his Y-fronts on his head and a pencil stuck up each nostril, with a speech bubble that says “Wibble?”

      I don’t get it. Therefore I’m obviously not mature/adult enough. Maybe that’s why the filters let me see it!

        1. Re: so so mature.

          Not watching telly for A Very Long Time has limited my understanding of cultural memes from the Blackadder era. I’m also not that well versed in Monty Python.

          (this is my excuse anyway)

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