Govt announces new targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions – aptly described as no vision, no guts, no future. Why do I bother putting the science out there when this is the result?

Anyway, even I’ll admit that the iPod is a decent piece of hardware. As for software that doesn’t make me want to throw it through the window: MusicBrainz (picard) for auto-tagging, Media Monkey for manual tagging and syncing, and iTunes never.

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        1. i voted for the other government.. although they would probaby be doing the hard slogg and getting complaints to if they were in.. maybe less tho.. *ponders this*..

          i dont’ think i would like to work in politics, to soul destroying.. *nods more*…

    1. This is fairly apparent, given who is lauding the proposal…

      And guess who’s going to be the winners in whatever ETS finally gets off the ground – it won’t be the little guys, that’s for sure…

      How about this for a billboard?

      The government is on the right track about global warming – yeah right!

  1. I know a bit about what goes on in Apple’s hardware design, so I have a jaundiced view of the hardware.
    But that’s probably just because I don’t know what goes into some of their competitors’ products.

  2. How’s the sound quality? iPods used to suck vs Creative. My current iPhone doesn’t seem to bad, but my 5 year old MuVo sounds better. That may just be subjective though.

    Also MediaMonkey FTW! (If only they made a linux version, then I’d buy it in a snap).

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