“Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”

I find myself most amused, despite the remnants of last night’s festivities, by my current reading, that of the novel “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”. It is most pleasantly tolerable, by which, I should explain, I mean to say that it is quite remarkably good.

Similarly, I was pleased to discover that, as a result of a suitable and charmed combination of diameters, I am able to alter the purpose of a particular bottle of soy sauce, which features in many Eastern cuisines, to a device to propel water at quite some pressure, in a vertical fashion, enabling me to dampen the ceiling of the scullery in a most haphazard manner.

And further to add to my joys in life, I have realised that the recent musical recording by one Klute, namely “breakbest science three”, which contain a selection of the finest ‘techstep’, hearkens back to the much adored and well-known folk tune commonly titled ‘Papua New Guinea’, a wonderful old ditty, whose origins are sadly unknown to us. I found this to be a delightful reference.

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