Such a fantatically bad day

I’ve just had a fantastically bad day, far beyond the usual things not working and nothing getting done. Today involved holding on to spiky things, burning rubber, being stiff as a board at aikido, the foulest cup of tea that I’ve ever paid money for, discovering expensive things are broken, discovering other expensive things are worn out and can’t be replaced, further expensive things rubbing on yet more expensive things, finding out that I can’t use a compass, the sun being in the wrong place, mould, not having a deep 10 mm socket and that no-one in NZ knows or cares what a doweling jig is. Apparently you just drill the holes in the right place. Well, thanks.

And everybody else is stupid, lazy and wrong.

My day was so bad that when I discovered that I had put my phone through the washing machine, I just had to collapse laughing, in a strangled, manic and probably scary way.

But hey, look on the bright side – I now have a clean (though non-functional) phone. And it hasn’t been attacked by ducks.

4 thoughts on “Such a fantatically bad day”

  1. I still like you Jez…
    And putting my phone through the wash would have had me in hysterics anyway…
    Ducks are by nature pacifists, it’s geese you have to watch out for…They’re evil muthafukkas…

  2. lines up behind russiandolls


    and actually ducks are all bad.. well sometimes especally when you are very short and there are many of them…teheheh

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