On being in a magazine of ladies erotica

So the pics of me in Filament have been viewed by seemingly half of Wellington. It’s nothing that anyone at Kiwiburn/fire spinning wouldn’t have seen*, but it’s in the context of being explicitly there for to be lusted after. For me that remains a pretty abstract state. Both aesthetics and other people’s opinions remain near the bottom of things I care about.

Putting the photos together was a novel experience but given that it was Wellington waterfront at night, in the wind, trying to stand very still, my main memory is of being bloody freezing.

The interview was pretty brief, and it was a conscious decision to talk more about my work, than who I am. Coz if I’ve got a platform then I’m going to talk about what I think is important, the contents of my head being somewhat less important than convincing everyone else to get on with saving the world.

(And maybe just a little coz I’m shy…)

But yeah, it could have been longer, but one the third hand, I like to read far more than most people.

I’d have chosen some of the other photos, but then again, I’m not the target audience. Still, there may have to be some printing and framing of said pics, for hanging on the wall to flaunt achieving this, rather than hotness.

Still, interested ladies should buy their own copies.

* – actually, you’d have seen much more of me at Kiwiburn, but that’s Kiwiburn for you, a hotbed of depravity/hugging/noise/sunburn/curry/kayaks/clipboards/jiggling (please delete as appropriate)

17 thoughts on “On being in a magazine of ladies erotica”

  1. If you give a rat’s arse I’m quite happy to look at the others and tell you which I would have chosen for the spread. From a purely professional viewpoint of course.

    (i read deflection in your interview, except for the last few questions about climate change/stuff)

    1. I think you’ve seen the good ones. The one I’m going to print up has me with three eyes. I think it’s the most dramatic pic overall, but it’s less of a pic of me, which might be why it wasn’t chosen.

      Then again, I think this one is well composed and shows me fairly clearly:

      1. I like the composition and the details of your body are clear, unfortunately the blurring around the head makes you look like a prizefighter and a little bit sourfaced. The fineness of your features is one of the things that appeals to me personally, and it’s missing from this shot. Not one of my favourites..

        (three eyes? awesome)

        1. Ok, I’ll photoshop a brown paper bag on there.

          What always catches my eye is the lighting on my abs, they end up looking strangely uneven.

      2. It’s a pretty amazing pic if you’re familiar with the instrument in question. But in the context it can look like a guy with a huge lit up fan on his bottom 😉 But yeah, you look well ripped in that one.

          1. I read that as ‘paddock theory’ – and thought “Yeah, it’s totally feasible to find someone with a giant glowy LED fan on his bum at Kiwiburn!”

          2. Evil plans…

            Are there any rules about bringing a flock of peacocks to kiwiburn, and then releasing them at night on unsuspecting altered folks?

            (I remember you use to be able to buy them in the trade and exchange years ago)

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