Project States and Goals

Mitochondrion, 3.5 – Awaiting a free weekend for me to tear down 3.4 and re-build

  • Power regulator for microcontroller to stop it crashing
  • Replace broken wooden parts with FR4
  • Replace batteries with ones that aren’t munted
  • Get sound code working
  • Get accelerometer code working

Mitochondrion 4.0 – In design phase, light boards look easy, power management trickier

  • Faster computer by at least two orders of magnitude (probably Arduino/ATmega328)
  • New LED drivers for smooth colour & brightness fades (definitely PCA9635)
  • Surface mount RGB LEDs (probably Osran LRTBG6TG, but if anyone knows of an RGBA, 20 mA surface mount LED, then do let me know), and more of them
  • Tighter ends and ports (mini-USB)
  • Maybe wireless control
  • Maybe lithium batteries (maybe 40 10440/AAA size?)

Mitochondrion 5.0 – In conceptual phase

  • At least ten times brighter LEDs (LedEngin LZ4-00MA10 10W RGBAs currently at head of the queue)
  • New LED drivers (no idea yet)
  • Definitely lithium batteries
  • Higher system voltage
  • Internal temperature monitoring to control power level and stop it melting

Sky Tigers/Sky Jaguars – In conceptual phase

  • It’s a surprise

My Dick – In conceptual phase

  • Possibly too dangerous and/or illegal to think about further

Oh, and a house to build.

Other people’s projects:
60-foot penis painted on roof
Transparent aluminum snowboard

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7 thoughts on “Project States and Goals

  1. I approve of Arduino/ATmega328 (or the ATmega644 I’m using), but we’ll see how I feel about that in a few days time. Code hitting real hardware soon 🙂

    The MLF-32 ATmega328 is only 5mm x 5mm, so it should be suitable for your needs. Also, I now have in my possession an ICSP programmer for AT* chips, if you need one.

    1. I’m thinking for the M4 and M5, the control board and light boards will be separate, so the control board shouldn’t be too tight. And making it longer separates the accelerometers for better spin speed resolution.

      Then again, I had a hard enough time fitting in a 11 mm square QFP…

  2. A penis is more different to a green roof (my project). But maybe I can incorporate one somehow.
    A transparent snowboard is strangely appealing but I’m not sure why.

  3. I am glad to see that my marketing team has managed to sway you to the superior concept of sky jaguars. I’m sure you will not regret this decision.

    1. I think I shall decide to call it both Sky Tigers and Sky Jaguars. It’s a thing, why should it only have one name?

      (Anyway, everyone will probably call it “that thing that that guy made that did that stuff that was awesome”.)

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