Thanks to Thomas, Kim, Will, Joel, Yvette, Yvette’s mate, Jen, E, Mike, Jodi, Polly, Wendy, Tommy, Rhiannon & Sasha for coming and taking away some of our wood. I think we managed to fill three trailers, four cars, and two vans. Also, no injuries and the only breakages were two $10 ratchet straps, which can be resewn.

Van+rope+pulleys+wool sacks worked quite nicely, once we put down the planks over the steepest parts. Big steel bars (thanks again, keptinacan) and big wooden posts and ratchet straps worked despite the soft ground.

I don’t know if it’s a Kiwi thing or a Burner thing, but everyone seemed very good at making themselves useful, at finding a role in the collective effort and contributing their own skills, whether that’s swinging an axe or making cups of tea.

I should have taken before and after pics of the pile, coz we made a serious dent in it. There’s plenty more and people seem keen, so there will be another hauling day, possibly weekend after this one? How would sunday, the 5th work for people? Or should I ask when we’re not so sore?

15 thoughts on “Wood!

  1. Sunday 5th I am booked for the chopping of wood for Mum. And I think the Saturday of that weekend I’m likely to be shearing.

    How about the following weekend?

    1. Someone’s clock is askew…

      Jez posts at 08:40:00 & Tats replies at 07:46, at least according to LJ…

      $WIFE pointed out to me this morning that our living room ‘puter clock is running on NZST rather than NZDT, which I pointed out was due to it running ‘doze 2000, for which microshaft haven’t provided updates to the daylight saving timing rules to reflect the latest changes. Her comment to my remark about microshaft ceasing support was “It’s still working fine for me.” which about sums it up…

      1. My home pooter is running 2000 and is currently showing the wrong time. However, I posted that comment from my work pooter which runs XP and is showing the correct time. So I’m guessing there’s some weirdness going on in the LJ ether.

        1. Thanks for that!

          I shall patch the home ‘dozer at the next opportunity. The rest of the machines are all penguin powered (except for the work laptop which is XP).

      2. Accherly, I think LJ thinks NZ has moved back to NZST, ‘cos a post of mine to Tat’s blog is also showing the local time as 11:59 when it;s acherly 12:59…

    1. Cheers.

      I may have to get up there and haul some more of the wood out of the undergrowth. There’s plenty more hidden away there…

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