Thought experiment

“Climate fears are driving ‘Ecomigration’ across globe” and some are coming to NZ – From the Washington Post

Taking this article at face value, why the hell not? NZ grows enough food for at least ten million people. Make agriculture a bit more intensive and I reckon we can fit twenty million in, no probs.

How about we tell everyone the party is here, and see how many people are keen to come?

(Grumble, grumble, bloody immigrants taking our jobs… oh no, wait, that’s me. Great people, immigrants, keen to get off their arses and build a new life for themselves, just the kind of people this nation needs!)

11 thoughts on “Thought experiment”

  1. It’s true, and something that environmentalists ignore is that if people move from (e.g.) India to here they’re going to have a much smaller impact on our environment that they did back there.

    I thought we grew food for more like 50 million people, but I bow to your expertise here..

  2. bloody immigrants taking our jobs..

    Hands up all those of you who are still living where you were born (or grew up)?

    keeps hands firmly in pocket while whistling “Tie me kangaroo down, sport”

          1. Nah! That’s not the West Island (the West Island is Tassie), it’s the Mouth Island cos they’re a bunch of loud mouthed ba5tards over there…

            I’m carefully overlooking the fact that I was born out there in the middle of nowhere, aka The Alice, in this dialogue…
            This overlooked fact gives me the right to call them ba5atards, btw

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