Things that are making me swear today:

BASIC with pointers – Fuck you!
GOTO statements – Fuck you!
Endogenous growth theory models with heterogeneous innovation – Fuck you!
Seventy page briefing documents – Fuck you!
Screaming children – Fuck you!
Cats – Fuck you!

Though being brought hot chocolate is nice.

[EDIT – can I just add to the list all the economists of the Austrian school. Sample paper:
Step 1) Set up provably-wrong assumptions,
Step 2) Erm…,
Step 3) Therefore we need low taxes. From which I think we can justifiably conclude that Austrian economists – Fuck you!]

9 thoughts on “Things that are making me swear today:”

    1. Their behaviour is horribly unpredictable and they frequently turn around and bite me.

      No, wait… that’s pointers.

      No matter how cute cars are I’m unavoidably allergic to them. So if I give in to the cute, I end up unable to breathe. Then the cats will probably eat me. That’s how cats hunt, you know, by spreading clouds of poison and waiting for succulent meat-creatures to succumb.

      1. Yeah, they did in about 20,000BCE. Unfortunately humans evolved that didn’t have the cat allergy gene, forcing cats to resort to chasing antelope-type animals (big cats) or undignified scrounging (small cats).

        But now the gene is back and cats are winning. Which is why they all look so happy.

  1. Austrian economists are just neo-libs who failed 6th form maths, and consequently come up with statements like I’m not an accountant I’m an economist when called on their innumerate crap.

      1. I think you might be right.

        And that’s why I only had two beers, coz I is grown-up now, and being a drunken, aggressive wanker is less amusing than it used to be.

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