Dog Stakes

Does anyone have a dog stake or two that I can borrow for Kiwiburn? By “dog stake”, I mean one of these:

Or indeed any other means of making a fixing into earth that can take a substantial vertical load? Tent pegs, even big ones, are great for horizontal or low-angle loads, and can be bodged for vertical loads but there’s better ways to do it.

7 thoughts on “Dog Stakes

  1. Hmm… the one stake I have is just galvanised steel, but I have bent it a little. The ones in shops now come with leads and pivots and assorted gubbins for your dog to run about, which I don’t need and don’t want to pay for.

    But yeah, something could be bodged.

    1. i just bought 4 from the price buster shop in newtown, for $3 each. these are only 40 cm long though. certainly looks stainless, though it is possible it’s exceptionally smooth galv.

      for future reference

  2. You should talk to about tent stakes. He did a *lot* of research on what makes a good stake and why, when he went to BurningMan this year and put up about 400 square meters of above-ground tarp that had to be able to stand up to BM winds. He had a lot to say about conventional stake design and how lousy it was.

    1. It seems for stakes, it’s hard to beat just plain old huge steel ones. The stakes for this rig were old halfshafts:

      Took a fair bit of hammering to get them in, and a car to get them out, and that was just sandy soil.

  3. See my reply to your message. My opinion, w/o basis in any direct experience, is that the “corkscrew” style you show here are a poor choice compared to a helical/auger style. The helical anchor provides much more surface area, and is the design used in big structural systems (giant helical piles for supporting building, including pull-out resistance).

    Don’t know what your budgets are, but since you only need 3 of them, the helical anchors I’ve seen for sale here in the USA aren’t that outrageously expensive–$10 US for 24″ ones (thats, what, about 60 cm? forgive me, I have to think in “English” units for my job and most common materials I get in the US). Found them in a good general-purpose hardware store here. Places that sell portable garages (steel tube and tarp structures, aka carports) sell sets of them for anchoring also.


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