I, for one, welcome our new minimal techno overlords.

(Tune I’m refering to starts coming on at 5-6 minutes in. And by tune, I just mean the pulsating sub-bass that demands you turn it up to oh, at least 13.)


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    1. Ooo, nice. I’m a sucker for a floating synth line at the best of times.

      And all that is rather odd, coz I was finding minimal to be, well, just rather minimal. Boring would be another word. But it’s like a switch in my head flipped and said “you will listen to boring music and like it”. Maybe my subconscious has decided that my life is too interesting?

      1. I had something slip at some point too.

        It was also the same for some fluid drum-and-bass I bought when I was 14. I thought it sucked (I was into grunge then and thought it actually meant acoustic drums and bass guitars!)… but then when I was 20 I listened again and thought, hey! This is cool!

          1. Oh come on. What’s scary about one piece of anatomy that serves two (maybe three) useful functions?

            And I thought you were a scientist. Pshaw!

  1. well i will have to wait till I am not at work BUT I have a live mix for you- Annie Nightingale, Hexadecimal, Evil Nine- admittedly i keep wanting to say STOP TALKING YOU’RE DJS but the live mix stuff is still utterly mind-blowing. And I wonder if one could edit out the talking…

        1. To be fair, I think many of those R1 DJs would be very happy to shut up, but management insists, believing that talking over the music helps the talent build their profiles.

          1. And let’s face it, otherwise we’d all be sitting here going “great mix, I wonder where it came from”.

            But yeah, they could shut up more.

          2. I seem to recall John Peel* being VERY QUIET on his Saturday afternoon shows back in the mid-70’s, carefully announcing the tracks and leaving a nice bit of silence at each end so you could record it onto your cassette tape in total contravention of all copyright laws (that no-one bothered about way back then)…

            *But then, he was one of the very old time announcers that I used to listen to on BBC short-wave in the late 50’s & early 60’s when I was still in Adelaide. He certainly lasted the distance…

          3. You wouldn’t have heard Peel that long ago. He didn’t start on the BBC until 1967. His first broadcasts were for a Dallas radio station in the mid 60’s.

          4. I think that John Peel’s career was long enough that he pre-dated the invention of radio full stop. He may have originally been a town crier.

          5. Good evening and welcome to the John Peel show. Later on we’re going to hear from the Weeping Pustules, but first this is the Venerable Bede with his new number Bede’s Death Song

          6. I think it’s the DJ Shadow EM that starts with him saying:

            “Welcome to UK Buzz Number 3. I’m still John Peel; photographs of me are on sale in the foyer.”

            “That’s the end of part one of UK Buzz number 3. In part two . . . I’ll be playing more records by people you’ve never heard of and don’t like very much.”

          7. whereas, I really like the sessions where Judge Jules takes obver for Pete Tong- he does a brief intro for the dj and then shuts up for the next two hours- nothing but awesome music follows

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