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Background – British Nationalist Party loses entire membership list, list gets put online.

Also, BNP not just policemen, reveals secret list.

Of course, this raises interesting questions about political expression in a society of ever increasing transparency, with further questions about the enforcability of the Data Protection Act and blah blah blah…. F’it, they’re scum and now they look like idiots.


Unitarian Jihad!
They threaten to “begin a series of terrorist-like actions. We will take over television studios, kidnap so-called commentators and broadcast calm, well-reasoned discussions of the issues of the day.”

“…but did admit he was currently trying to build his own dragon… At the moment I’m working on a fire-breathing alligator strapped to a micro-light.”

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    1. Woo yeah! Go me!

      (Although the Unitarian Jihad post is from 2005. I am so on the pulse of the white heat of the technological revolution.)

      Schadenfreude is something I try to avoid, so why do I enjoy it so much?

      1. Unless you’re talking about making a fire-breathing alligator strapped to a micro-light? Coz as H&S officer, you might have reason to disagree with yourself there.

        1. Hmm… I can’t help but think that as awesome as the idea might be, the reality might not match up.

          Instead, if we consider skylions that bungie jump onto their prey from hot air ballons, plucking them up into the sky in the blink of an eye, then that could be far more implementable.

          1. Nah, SkyJaguars just doesn’t fit with the branding. The shape of the word is all wrong.

            SkyLions works better with the font that the design team has picked out for us.

            Also, there’s some operational difficulties getting the jaguars into the harnesses. Turns out that chaffing pushes them over a critical grumpiness threshold that our technical people have identified as a non-negotiable performance criteria.

          2. The technical and design people are clearly not thinking laterally.

            More grumpy jaguars = more efficient plucking of prey. Increasing the bottom line is all we in management care about, so the techs and designers will just have to think a bit harder.

            Also, jaguar is a sexy, two-syllable word in its native language. Much more substance than the whiny-sounding ‘lion.’

            Make it happen.

          3. If are committed to meeting the previously agreed milestones whilst implementing such a substantial change of substrate, then we’ll need some new technicians. The current ones have been somewhat chewed upon and are now leaking. I’m sure that can be factored into the project timescale without too much concern over delay from the shareholders.

            Also, the kevlar bodysuits that I requested at the financial last meeting will reduce our technician turnover and the corresponding delays for the upskilling of replacements. I’m sure that management can facilitate the markedly increased budgetary requirements that are needed to enable this.

          4. *engineering division goes quiet, covers its arse and prepares for the inevitable PR disaster*

            *and recommends that management should buy an open-topped sports car*

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