“kinell it just worked” – Part 3

For the third time running, I made a Mitochondrion bit, plugged it in, turned it on and it just worked*. It’s the QTouch board, though I should point out that I put it in there mainly coz it’s cool, not coz it’s necessary. But hey, the entire thing is unnecessary.

So, quiz for today:

What do you think the Mitochondrion actually is?

Prizes will be given at Fidels for answers that are:
1) The most accurate
2) The most physically impossible
3) The most WTF?
4) The most ‘I know I’m good but I’m not good enough to make one of those’
5) The most ‘damn, wish I’d though to do that instead’
6) Compatible with Rule 34
7) Requiring of advanced technology, but not actual magic

And I won’t be telling people which prize they’ve won.

* – where “it just worked” means it sort of worked, the sensitivity is about a zillionth of what it should be and needs to be, thus there’s at least one thing wrong with it. I can think of one thing, so far, but what’s the odds that what I think is wrong is actually what is wrong?

19 thoughts on ““kinell it just worked” – Part 3

  1. I think the mitachondrion is…

    … the real reason behind global warming.

    … Queen Elizabeth II’s mutant child.

    … capable of turning a sphere, transposed to two dimensions, inside out.

  2. It’s a time machine, along the lines of the one in Back to the Future. It’s doomed to failure because:
    1. You couldn’t source a DeLorean and are using a ’92 Toyota Levin with an aftermarket exhaust and fake chrome wheel spinners.
    2. The NZ power grid doesn’t have 1.21 gigawatts of spare electricity.

    I think you will find that it’s doomed to only take you as far as next Monday morning every time you use it.

  3. Laying claim

    To the prizes for 1 and 5, because:

    1. I know what it is.
    5. Because the reason I know what it is is because I thought of the same thing and went rushing to you going “Hey hey I’ve had this brilliant idea, I need to pick your brains about how to make it!” To which you went ” … “


  4. no idea! although, i think it could be a sculpture of a large pork pie.

    however, im almost completely certain that ive figured out what You are!!!
    and i might be the one on the left
    youre the one on the right.

  5. All I know is that it has an accelerometer which you are trying to use to record position, and i’m seeing in the pictures it has an ultrasonic ranger. I honestly have no clue. I don’t think it is supposed to move around by itself, instead I think it is supposed to attach to something that is already moving.

    So yeah, no clue!

  6. *deep breath* The Mitochondrion is a Asian gentleman who is a supervillan and the Batman must fight him but the Mitochondrion is smart and gives the Batman a swift kung-fu kick to the knackers real sharp quick like and then quickly scarpers while the Batman is on the ground in the fetal position with his voice a few octaves higher and that is what the Mitochondrion is its true.

    Coffee number 5 may have been a mistake 🙂

  7. I suspect it is a juggling device that through it’s own motion influences both music and lights. It has sensors that recognise authorised users and gently sprays small, vaporised doses of E at them and- if grabbed by two unauthorized users in a row, detonates, killing everyone within three meters.

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