Van fixed

Four injector seals – $10
Labour to fit – $900

Bastard Mercedes. Next time, we’re getting a Toyota.

(The van is ex-DHL, hence the yellowness. DHL have replaced all their Mercs with Toyotas. maybe we should have taken that as a hint?)

7 thoughts on “Van fixed”

  1. Are it a diseasel, or is it petrol?

    Initially I thought it must be a diseasel, but then the brain kicked in with the awareness that lots of modern petrol engines are injected these days – I’ve just never owned one so the awareness is a bit slow…

    This is a problem with the pricier marques – mechanics don’t know them as well ’round ‘ere ‘cos they ain’t common as muck (like Toyotas). I recall a survey on the cost of ownership conducted by Which? a few decades ago where they took a typical collection of components likely to fail in the average car and priced them across the market. For completeness they included a Rolls, which came out at several hundreds of times more expensive than the rest because of the cost of a replacement clutch & radiator. They did acknowledge that the likelihood of a clutch failing on a Rolls was orders of magnitude less than on, say, a Rover or a Mini…

    1. Common rail diesel. Half the prob was that it’d been leaking for quite some time, so there was crud caked all over the injectors, and connections and seals near them.

      Changing injectors is pretty similar on any diesel. The prob here is that they’re buried under large amounts of other kit that has be taken out and replaced before testing, and that adds up the labour costs. But reading around, it seems Merc vans have a poor reputation for reliability.

  2. Ah yes. some of these engines have enormous amounts of crap in the way of the specific thing you need to fix. “…Step 1: turn car over onto a foam pad (to protect roof paint). Step 2: Remove all 4 wheels, using special tool SAAB-TR-US-Eastern-43562354238/Q. This tool can be ordered from your dealer for the paltry sum of $599…”

    Hope it behaves well for another few years.

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