Yes. Had a most chilled out weekend, which involved snowboarding friday, flips into the Rimutaka gym foam pit sat, and aerials training sunday. And a movie, food, and good people. So not very chilled out at all, but stress-free.

Only source of stress right now is the current situation with the building consents. To explain, here’s Bernard Cribbins (yes, Donna Noble’s dad, for you kiddies), on a gramophone:

[EDIT – bastard Youtube, here’s the link instead. I dunno, this new-fangled technology, come to no good, I tell you, mutter, mutter…]

Lyrics, for those of you at work.


1 thought on “Spring”

  1. That hole in the ground out at Rimutaka Gym is quite impressive, isn’t it?

    Several of my offspring have fallen into it (deliberately & otherwise) in past years…

    IIRC the missus signed the cheques for the first lot of foam etc. (she was treasurer at the time)

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