Courtesy of a 3 am txt

Pray tell me, interweb, what it means when, in my dream, I’m driving a van down a bus lane on Oxford Road, Reading, England, the traffic is bad but flowing, yet cars, pedestrians and skaters keep narrowly avoiding splattering themselves across the front of the van, why, oh mysterious sub-concious, why oh why oh why was the van left hand drive?

15 thoughts on “Courtesy of a 3 am txt”

          1. I’m not sure that the theory of laser welding of aluminium, or economic policy, can be appropriately applied to “missing my wife.”

            But your highly educated subconscious, at least gave it a damn good go.

  1. Van Dreams

    I think it’s your brains way of telling you “it’s okay, this is a surreal dream not reality”. How else would you have known at the time if you were in a right-hand drive van?


    1. Re: Van Dreams

      Well, I did say that “the traffic is bad but flowing” – in England the traffic is stationary, and homeless people are paid to remove the vines that can cover traffic jams, so it was clearly not reality.

      1. Re: Van Dreams

        If it were normal reality, you’d know which road it was too 🙂

        Yes, the van in the dream was left hand drive. My point was that if it were right hand drive, that too would seem perfectly normal for England (and NZ, for that matter). So the van being left hand drive was the magic flag that said “hey, this isn’t real”.


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