I’d thought about writing a post about Investigate’s idiotic cover story, but didn’t bother, as it’s so ludicrous that no-one could get taken in by their half-truths. Well, sadly I was wrong. From the Dom Post yesturday:
Fire starts near flat’s light bulb

Ffs! Still, thanks to the interweb, there’s already others mocking them: Fear ncertaintly and doubt, morning edition
“Strange how much of the country has been using the new bulbs for years without any problems and as soon as the government makes ’em compulsory they start bursting into flames and blowing up buildings.”

I’ll explain it very simply: anything electrical can get hot and start a fire. The more efficient it is, the less hot it gets.

Ah f’it, let’s take the satire all the way to the top:
Eco Bulbs involved in double murder

I love Dim Post.

In other news, here’s the official, approved and certified method for making tea: “The British Standard Method for Preparation of a Liquor of Tea for Use in Sensory Tests“. Strictly speaking, it’s also an ISO standard. Does this mean there’s a shadowy global conspiracy to control our brains and morals by forcing us to make tea using only the approved method? If you’re an Investigate journalist, then probably. Also, tea has 1080 in it, so it’s pretty guaranteed, one cup could be fatal!
(This message brought to you by our sponsors, Concerned Citizens for Coffee and Righteousness)

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  1. Mr Mendes said he was checked by paramedics for fear he had been exposed to mercury from the bulb

    Because Wellington Free Ambo are tooled up with all the gear (mass spectrometer?) you need to measure blood mercury levels at the roadside, naturally.

    Burning coal emits mercury into the atmosphere. Apparently (I don’t have the reference right here) a coal-fired incandescent light bulb emits several times as much mercury through life as a CFL one – even if no attempt ismade to recycle the latter.

    1. Yup. Even with NZ only getting 10% of electricity from coal, using CFLs still reduces overall mercury emissions. And that’s assuming all the CFLs get broken, not recycled, and that assumption is just plain daft.

        1. A quick search of the net fails to reveal a copy of my favourite button from the last election – it said “Labour/Greens – why do you say ‘lesbian cabal’ like it’s a bad thing?”

  2. in europe they often have those eco bulbs in a spherical casing which is often frosted and usually made of plastic. it’s especially useful when used in a lamp above a bed in a bunk in a hostel. *and* they look like the old fashioned light bulbs but are indestructable and last forever. just sayin’.

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