Silly me, I’d have thought that a press release mocking the RSNZ as “a harem of whores” and calling the Society “Floozies for Fascism”, “Tarts Against Technology”, and “Doxies for Despotism” was actually an ironic, if slightly unhinged, way of mocking the Climate Science Coalition (our main critics who, truth be told, are much more polite). Such mocking has happened before, with some style, by the Flat Earth Society.

However, given that the press release came from one of NZ’s few objectivists, it’s entirely possible that he’s being serious. You’d think an objectivist would have some respect for science, objectivism being based on the idea that there is an objective reality, that humans can perceive? Seemingly, no, ‘objectivism’ here means not much more than pointing and yelling “Statists!”.

Anyway, in other news, in the UK there’s a waiting list of up to twenty weeks for hybrid cars. I guess the Statist conspiracy to destroy civilisation by making us buy more efficient cars is doing quite well then?

Mitochondrion news – having got the driver boards working properly, I’ve been thinking about the main board. This has three bodges on it already, and there’s at least seven more things I’d like to fix, which is a fair bit for something that’s all of fourteen centimetres long and two wide. So I’m thinking of rebuilding that next. What, you wanted me to finish something?

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  1. As Russell Brown aptly describes it:

    “Indeed, I’m not sure that Perigo can now be said to have a mind, rather than a space from which various elements of his psyche throw poos at the world.”

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