As there hasn’t been a Mitochondrion progress update for a while:

The mark 3 is made from one main board, controlling four driver boards1. The driver board states are:

  1. Driver 3.2b – has a short, needs finding and fixing
  2. Driver 3.2c – shorts fixed, 2 of 10 delicate bits need replacing
  3. Driver 3.2d – shorts fixed, 1 of 10 delicate bits need replacing
  4. Driver 3.1a – shorts fixed, delicate bits working, now it’s failing in a whole new way, bother2

Main board holds the main processor, the memory and two circuits to manage the two sensors:

  • Main processor – just dandy
  • Memory – sweet
  • Sense 1 – working, kinda3
  • Sense 2 – not working, big error found, fixable with a new part but not sure how to fit the new part in there

So hey, all the hardware is built And constant head scratching and poking is moving that hardware along towards actually doing what it should. Testing makes it occasionally do cool things4.

1 – And there’s a few other bits, apart from the circuit board, but nothing could go wrong with them, ok… yeah, right.
2 – Though at 10 pm last night I had a brain wave as to why. I need to check a few things to be sure, but if the problem is what I think it is, then it’s solvable in software. More thinking this morning suggests that the problem isn’t what I think it is.
3 – The input circuit works, but not with the version of the sensors I want to use. The sensors that work don’t fit. Hmm…
4 – Today’s testing involved, for the first time, the main processor using one of the senses to control one of the drivers. The behaviour induced the anticipated exclamations from a test subject.

I’m on holiday for the next four days, meaning I’ll be on site at 9 for hard manual labour. I think I’m doing this holiday thing wrong… Still, internet in pocket FTW!

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