Recording TV

Woop! Woop! Arcane technology alert!

I want to watch something on TV. I don’t have a TV, nor video cassette player.

So, the plan is to find someone with a TV tuner card, a hard disk, and some form of programmable controller, like a PC. And then ply them with beer in return for a digital copy.

Who wants beer?

It’s “Paul Callaghan Presents” on Stratos Television (Freeview Ch 21 and Sky 89) on Monday 19 May at 7.00 p.m, and, I assume, for nine more mondays after. It’s in-depth interviews with prominent New Zealand business people and commentators, including Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop; Stephen Tindall, The Warehouse; Neville Jordan, Endeavour Capital; Di McCarthy, The Royal Society of New Zealand; Michael Chick, Tait Electronics; Mike Daniell, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare; Rod Oram, financial journalist; Bill Denny, Proacta; Andrew Coy, Magritek. That’s quite a few of the more interesting people in NZ.

4 thoughts on “Recording TV”

  1. While I have a tv tuner in my laptop, I don’t have sky 89 (unless that translates to one of the telstra clear sky channels) or freeview.

    Definitely sounds interesting. Why can’t they put these things on normal tv instead of inane “reality” tv shows?

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