And they’re coming in thick and fast:

It’s press-releasetastic. Here’s what’s on Scoop so far:

Royal Society Welcomes New Zealand Fast Forward:

…Says President, Neville Jordan, “This will be a tremendous boost to the science community… The Royal Society very much supports this and the several initiatives taking place. What is new, and most significant, is the emphasis on sustainability, one of the two main aims of New Zealand Fast Forward. This is absolutely vital and well-informed consumers are now keenly aware of this dimension of food production, as well as food safety issues. As Hon Pete Hodgson said at the launch, ‘sustainability and prosperity go hand in hand’.”

This money offers stable career opportunities for many scientists and technologists in an area that directly contributes to the economy.”

7 thoughts on “And they’re coming in thick and fast:”

      1. Oh Jez, what good is that? You know I’m fishing for the sort of gossip one doesn’t find in press releases ;p

        Hehe. Maybe now they’ll have the funds to genetically modify me some chocolate milk producing cows.

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