Not dead – This year’s Karapoti

Five and a half hours? That’s shameful, and not exactly fun. Last year was under four and a half. Next year, next year, I’m definitely going to do some training. (Or just stay home in bed.)

Anyway, though the magic of technology, yesturday’s activities can be described very precisely:, complete with Google Map.

You can indeed spot the bits where I got off and walked. The data doesn’t track emotional state, nor precipitation, though I could imagine proxies for the former and sensors for the later.

Results here, and you will notice I was beaten by all of the riders in the female, 50-59 category, and by Trevor Mallard.

Also, I realised, just after the first little down, that I’ve never seen anyone else’s bones before. Turns out that “writhing in pain” is actually what people do, when they’re that badly injured. Still, he had two medics and a mate looking after him, so not much I could do to help. This may have slowed me at tad on the later downhills.

13 thoughts on “Not dead – This year’s Karapoti”

  1. You are the only person I know that’s hard enough to even contemplate entering the Karapoti.

    (those medics were quite possibly our very own kiwiburn ones)

    I hope Evel didn’t slow you down too much..

  2. Well you did mention that this year was an experiement in going into the Karipoti without hideous levels of training beforehand, so, in a way, you know that you in a less than *optimal* state is still well ‘arder than pretty much everyone except God.

    Not that bad a result in the end pet.

  3. Good grief. Mallard actually turned in a respectable performance. Who knew?

    And well done you for going into this untrained and surviving! I sure as heck don’t know anyone else that tough.

    Perhaps it was the second wheel that slowed you down? Back to unicycles eh?

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