Debugging hardware

There is simply no way around just staring at the thing. This is broken up by occasional muttering and less occasional poking. But mainly, it’s just staring.

But hey, I’m having a week off work, so kindly drag me away from the muttering and force me to construct whole sentences. Maybe even force me to drink beverages.

20 thoughts on “Debugging hardware”

  1. Well, my part is so far coming along well. The thing I mentioned in the email is done and now I just have to let the user have a permanent record of their work/play.

    I hope that was sufficiently ambiguous.

    1. Suitably.

      My current main problem is working out which problems are hardware and which are software. But hey, at least the various bits are talking to each other. Generally.

      1. Usual practice is to do that with a hardware test program that exercises the h/w in an easily observable manner.

        Apologies for grandmother egg-sucking instructions.

        1. Sadly, there is no copy of “Sucking Eggs for Dummies” or I’d post that here. I did find:

          But anyway, when the test programme makes part A1 behave, and part B do exactly what it says on the tin, it’s rather odd when testing part A2 makes A1 and B do weird stuff. F’it, I’m plugging in parts C, D & E to see if they have the same problem.

    1. Woo! Umm… drinks after climbing?

      Coz when I say I have free time, what I actually mean is I’ll work away at the Mitochondrion until my hands are too shaky to solder, then either sleep or stress about not doing enough. And then go get some exercise to try to feel human. And after that, I might be capable of talking.

          1. Can you do the evening? Coz wednesday could be a day for getting done all the things I’m not doing tomorrow coz tomorrow I’m running half of a posthole borer.


  2. It’s probably not any use, but I’m in Auckland for work tomorrow. If you need anything from Surplustronicsthen let me know and I’ll see if I can make time to go there. I don’t think they’re all that surface mount oriented though..

    1. It’s only 8.15, so I’m still working.

      Actually, what I mean by “having a week off” might actually mean “twelve hour days until it’s done”. I realise this is kind of crap.

      You free tomorrow eve? Or we can do the evil threeseome with Rhi wed night…

      1. I’m sure I’ve had my life’s fill of evil 3somes, thanks (and that’s no comment on Rhi’s company, which is lovely). that being said, I’m free tomorrow after-work-pre-dinner, and thursday.

        1. Tomorrow am digging at the section, so may be shattered in the eve or may be soldering or may be still keen to solder but have hands shaking too much. In the later case, I’ll text you, otherwise it’s a date for thursday.

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