T-Nation order

I’ll be sending an order off to T-Nation this week. That’s where the Spike comes from, amongst other goodies.

Let me know what you want by tomorrow night.

22 thoughts on “T-Nation order

        1. I think there’s a rule of thumb, along the lines of if a man has levels of 5-7 parts per million then that’s within the natural range, whereas if his blood tests at nine billion parts per million, then he’s being naughty.

          Actually, you can use carbon isotope ratios or look at the testosterone to epitestosterone ratio. And yes, I know the next question is “why don’t atheletes also inject epitestosterone as well, to hide the increases in testosterone?” And umm… the answer is I don’t know, possibly they do. Ask Floyd Landis.

    1. Okay, caffine-free (bottle of 50) or caffinated (pack of 16)?

      I’m told that it does need some caffine in your system to kick off, but I’ve never noticed, possbily I just have enough residual caffine floating around that I’ve always had enough.

          1. Right, can I please cancel that then? I hear ephedrine isn’t going to do my heart any favours – like, specifically my heart, rather than generalising.

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