Now I am tired…

Casinos – they’re toxic places, at best they count as a tax on the rich and stupid, at worst… urgh! And Sky City casino at 4 am? Not a happy punter in the place.

But fuck it, they were paying me to be there. And paying about 40 other performers, half of whom were from Wellington. So I dressed up as a bee and hung upside down in Sky City atrium for four 20 minute sets. Tissu is had work anyway, but Auckland, so hot & humid, plus lots of people equals me hanging in straddle turnover, I look down and there’s a pool of my sweat directly below me. Mmm… sexy.

Being in the atrium, there’s people on the ground below, on the balconies all around and above, and being New Year, it was pretty busy. Hence people! Argh! Looking at me? More arghh!

Did big climbs and moves up high to start each set, coz by the end of twenty minutes, I wanted to be good and low, coz I was too shagged to be safe.

And then there was much partying, with many astoundingly good dancers.

Also, the atrium looked like this:

And one of ‘s costumes looked like this:

6 thoughts on “Now I am tired…

    1. Well, managed to knock one down with her foot whilst half-way through a roll-down. As you can imagine, this had the potential to go horribly wrong. But it didn’t.

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