Oh, what a tangled web of project management

Does anyone have a laser printer at home that I can use a few times over the holidays?

My brain has been churning through the critical path to get the Mitochondrion done, and final noticed that the laser printer I use at work, I can’t use, as work is switched off. All of it. Bother.

I will need to print less than ten pages, hopefully only on one occasion. And some of it will be printing on plastic, but it’s special, non-melting (and really expensive) plastic.

[EDIT – one constraint removed, no printer needed now, thanks to all that offered]

3 thoughts on “Oh, what a tangled web of project management

  1. I have one, but it’s location in Upper Hutt may present some logistical difficulties for you…

    Alternatively I will be working(?) in the city on the 27-28th if that works out better for you…

    Either way, you’re welcome to avail yourself thereof…

  2. Laser printer

    Do you want to borrow a laser printer (HP LaserJet 4) for a while? I have two spare ones sitting in my garage. One doesn’t have a toner cartridge, and the toner cartridge in the other has been sitting for over a year in less than ideal conditions (ie, my garage) so may need some coaxing back into life but should otherwise be functional.


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