I have discovered the world’s most frightening noise

There’s a blog called Purrcast, which is just audio files of cats purring. Download one of the mp3s. Connect computer to stereo. Turn volume up to “Apocalypse”. Play.

Also, , demands a psytrance track with this as the bassline. It’s got everything – rhythm, sub-bass, instinctual responses in the cerebellum. In fact, this could replace “Funky Drummer” as the world’s most over-used break. So get in there first, I reckon.

36 thoughts on “I have discovered the world’s most frightening noise”

          1. Hey, I saw that! You edited your post to blame your wife, while cunningly getting what you want because she has breasts! You r smeart.

    1. Okay, I’m coming around with the van. I’m going to lock you in the back of it and try to trigger the next Wellington earthquake using the sub and the purring.

          1. I’m all for people drooling round these parts, but mind the high voltage power supplies. No-one likes the smell of burnt drool…

        1. I think this is the correct moment for me to say:

          Okay, ladies, please post pictures of your breasts here, so that Tom can turn purring kitty into a megastar. It’s for the kitty!

          (I’ve always wanted to say that.)

        1. Re: Coerced by breasts

          it sounded good.

          I do actually have a partially completed psy trance version now, but dunno if i have the impetus to finish.

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