Psytrance introductions

What’s a good mix to introduce someone to psytrance?

I’ve lots of awesome tunes. If someone asked for psy-breaks, I’d give them Cosm, for prog trance, Spencer Gordon; for liquid d&b, the Cyantific Innerspace mix; for dark and f’ked up mutant house; the Audiobullies EM. But psytrance? Is there an hour mix that epitomises, defines and showcases it all?

4 thoughts on “Psytrance introductions

  1. If you’d been to some of the bush doofs over here, I’d say that any mixes would give you a good base… I will ask on my local doof forum if anyone has any sets up anywhere or can recommend any seminal ones 😉

    1. I’ve got a fair bit of it here, but I’m looking for that one real peak, astoundingly awesome, jaw to floor, ‘this is how to do it’ mix.

  2. Years old now, but Paul Oakenfold’s Goa mix is still highly rated.

    As for more recent stuff, I’ll have a think. Wendy can probably point you to one better than i can.

  3. I quite like Psylyce of Pie (NZ) for light psytrance, Cyberwlf July 06 mix for dark, driving psytrance, and Paramnesia’s July psy (with added bonus Oceania track) as a nice, middling full on mix.

    I have all of these for your perusal and will bring on Friday for coffeeeees at Fidels.

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