Pirates sucks donkey’s cock. It sucks it long and hard. If you had a donkey who’s cock needed sucking, this would make it good value for money.

Erf… chainsawing then gym class. And hockey tomorrow morn. Might not make it to aerials training tomorrow eve. Might fall over and die instead.

11 thoughts on “Pirates”

  1. I said you shouldn’t think during the movie. I didn’t. This magnificent epiphany came to me in the taxi on the way home.

    So ner ner ner!

      1. Rodger Melly, the cvnt on your telly says:

        I see what you do there.

        I shall, in that case, rewrite Pirates in my head so that Jack and Norrington hook up, and Orlando Bloom gets fed to the sharks.

        1. Re: Rodger Melly, the cvnt on your telly says:

          That particular line came from Finbarr Saunders and His Double Entendres.

          Err… errr. but I’m too tired to make jokes about a) Wendy leaving me very tired, b) the chainsaw needing frequent lubrication, c) having lots of wood, d) giving it to her mum. I’m sure you can give me a hand.

          1. Re: Rodger Melly, the cvnt on your telly says:

            I liked the Teletubbies guest appearance in Spoiled Bastard. They gave him a kicking.

  2. Wow, you sure went into the cinema with the wrong attitude, dincha!

    My fave review so far of eet on my fl:

    let me say that Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End was overly long, bloated, filled to the gills with excess, and pretty much far and away the most damned goofy fun movie I’ve seen in ages.

    *blows raspberries*

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