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16 thoughts on “Yeah…”

  1. hehehe

    B-B-But my thesis solves everything! Even world hunger and the annoyance of stepping in gum!

    (although only under certain conditions, it’s true)

    I wonder if I could just hand in this comic instead…

  2. I think they should just give it to you ‘cos they know you have the ability. I think all of life should be like that.

    Matter of fact, I want one too.
    – “I’ll have a couple of PhD’s and a DPhil thanks.”
    – “Would you like fries with that?”

    Every now and then i toy with going back and getting more degrees. I’m dirt poor anyway, so why not?

    1. How long a list of reasons do you need?

      But you know you want to, I mean, you can handle it, the first one or two weren’t that bad, uni libraries have that special smell…

      Although, if I did convince you, might kill me.

      1. I would need to hunt around and see which department and mentor I would like to study under. If Welly sociology department is ok, then welly would be a possibility. (I was once hoping to do my Masters at Cambridge under Anthony Giddens, who may well be retired or dead now.) I get the impression that NZ universities are not that great. But it’s mainly having a good supervisor from what I can tell, and I want to stay in New Zealand for the sake of my son.

        ‘Cos I would be doing one of those waffley human sciences (“science”? rubbish!).

        I think it’s fear of not finding a job in the university system afterwards that puts me off. But then again, I am not finding work in the corporate system that satisfying either, and at least i can work on stuff that interests me.

        And I gave up my first degree in Engineering after facing that fear of not being able to get a job with an arty-farty degree, and i have had good jobs since then.

        Well, *good* in the evil corporate sense, anyway.

      2. It’s the smell that does it.. *nods* And yes, I probably would. How many overachieving people with assignments who can’t go do fun stuff with her does one girl need in her life? Hmm?

        1. Ah, but thinking long term, in the future we’ll be able to do more stuff with you. And by more stuff, I mean we’ll know about how to do stuff, or at least what to think about it, although we’ll still be too busy to actually do said stuff.

          This sentence structure brought to you by bedtime.

          1. Are you angling for me to buy a farm so you can play with rockets again? While philosophises and makes me psytrance on the porch?

            (actually i kinda like that idea. angle away)

          2. The lathe will be safely bolted to bedrock, or as close as I can get it. You’ll be fine so long as you keep more than an arms-length away.

            The sintering laser, however, will be able to make a mess of anything organic within a quite substantial range…

          3. I like this idea too. Could be a chaotic kind of farm ‘tho. Rockets, crowds of people enjoying loud music, flocks of sheep dashing about madly, rampant philosophers trying to get someone to listen to them…

          4. Hey, who’s to say we can’t have crowds of people enjoying rockets?

            Well, apart from health and safet officers, of course…

          5. And the sheep will be dyed in UV reactive colours, and accustomed to weirdness. Let’s face it, they will be MY sheep, they’ll have to be.

          6. dunno. Many years ago I read “Intellectuals” by Paul Johnson, who argues that intellectuals should not be listened to. Although reading the reviews again, I may have misunderstood him a little.


            The best review of it was 1 star and “Ad hominem is a logical fallacy, you say? That sounds like something a sexually deviant, financially-incompetent intellectual would say.” It averaged 3.5 stars from customer reviews.


            Ps: my “shutup” icon is purely for my amusement, and should not be taken personally.

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