Not Falwell

Instead, our own Gordon Copeland spits the dummy. This is a shame, he was UF’s energy spokeperson and had some interesting and informed ideas there. After all, he was one of the bosses of BP in NZ for 14 years so he knew a lot about energy policy. Although, obviously, its not much of a shame, he’s quiting because he wants to keep his right to beat his children.

As long-term, sustainable politically positions go, defending the right to beat kids is about as wacko as it gets. The best thing we can say about the new party and its “Hitting Future New Zealand” policies is that it’ll be easy work for satirists the nation over. Still, its good to see that someone’s going to be splitting the Destiny Church vote into further irrelevance.

(Also, its budget day today, so if you want me, you can’t have me. But you knew that already.)

10 thoughts on “Not Falwell”

        1. Jez always needs tea and pats.

          And frankly, the lockup thing is far better than the ‘start reading the budget after the speech and finish at 9 pm’ thing that we used to do.

          In fact, I am pretty much done and its not even 5.

  1. Having known Mr Copeland for a number of years, I wouldn’t be too sure he’s defending the right to beat kids.

    I’m more inclined to believe that he sees no point in trying to legislate around juries that believe thumping kids with 2×4 is “reasonable force”…

    And it’s worth noting that some polls showed (if you can believe polls, that is) that 80% of the populace agrees with Mr Copeland (just to wave a red rag in front of the bull)…

    [/runs for cover]

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