On the scrounge

Does anyone have a microphone I can borrow till Shiny? Cheap, crappy, anything will do.

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  1. What sort of microphone, pardner? There are microphones and microphones you know…

    More accurately, what exactly are you intending to plug it into (this helps define the type of Mic you are looking for). And what sort of connector on the end (if that isn’t obvious from the answer to the first question)?

    Presumably you are intending to record something, or use it to front a PA of some sort…

    1. Its going to feed sound into the cheap, nasty amp that powers my ‘flames dancing to music’ thing. Given that the signal is for kicking burning gas around, not for listening to, quality isn’t an issue here.

      Hence pretty much anything will do, but it’ll have to plug into a 2.5 mm socket. (I have a range of adaptors.)

      I’m not sure about levels, but that amp is designed to plug into a headphone output from an ipod or similar, so something like that would be good.

      1. OK, although the input is a 2.5mm socket (which is a small size, btw, the “normal” ipod type headphones have 3.5mm sockets) the next question is – stereo or mono?

        If the amp is designed to take the output from an (ipod) headphone socket, it is expecting something closer to line levels than mic levels, and line levels are much higher than mic levels.

        Are you going to be having a drink or some such tomorrow evening after work? If so, where? So I can join you and we can discuss this f2f (which will be orders of magnitude faster than can be achieved here).

        1. Oops, I mean 3.5 mm. 1/8th of an inch.

          Its expecting stereo, but a mono feed with equal levels on the channels is fine. And yes, its also expecting line levels.

          The Cross then? 5ish or so.

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